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NEWZ » song

Mr. Fabulous

Well, well – Look who’s back! From now on MEMORIEZ will be providing you with some new tunes on a regular basis. We call it »The Sessions«. This month you’ll have the great pleasure to meet »Mr. Fabulous«. Is he a saint or a clown? – You choose! Why don’t you start listening for now and we’ll talk to you later…

Don’t miss the upcoming sessions — memoriezsessions.com is the place to go! Connecting via soundcloud.com/memoriezband is also a good idea. All songs will be free for download on soundcloud.

Angered Eyes – Video Release

Here is our brand new video. Thanks to every member of the team for their contribution to this nice piece of work!

MEMORIEZ – Angered Eyes
Script & Editing: Joachim Zunke
directed by Aron Krause, musikbewegtbilder.de
DOP: Sin Huh, sinhuh.de
Glidecam: Torben Asmussen
Camera Assistent: Thomas Hartmann
Trickser Tonträger 2013

Actor/Actress: Mattheo Lange & Guliana Jacobi, Franziska Neumeister, Julian Lang, Karin Jessen, Fred Noel, Joachim Zunke, Fansky, Gero Graas, Kevin Suhr, Marvin Thode, Sönke Holst, Stefan Meßfeldt

Thanks to: Spielmannszug FF Ascheffel, Hannelore Thode, Lukas Dikomey, Alina Twerski, Kathrin Laeger, Adrienne Thode, Simeon Kschamer, Pia & Christian Will, Svea & Thore Solterbeck, Torben Asmussen, Clemens Reichle, Amy

Huntin’ A Hurricane – Prelistening

Two days from now our debut album »HUNTIN’ A HURRICANE« will be released on Trickser Tonträger. As an interlude to that spectacle we organized an exclusive prelistening on SoundCloud. Crank up the volume and enjoy bridging the time!

Of course, you can preorder and buy the CD or LP at

Trickser Shop
Added March 2013: 

The SoundCloud prelistening is over. But since you all know how to get our music for free anyway, you can also listen to our album at Spotify just as well.

Set My Body Free – Video Release

Attention please – as previously announced we are glad to present you MEMORIEZ first music video SET MY BODY FREE! The song is taken from the upcoming debut album »Huntin’ A Hurricane« which will be released on 28th March 2013 via Trickser. And there’s more to come: till then there will be more delicious morsels for you to enjoy – so “lay your head down next to me” and stay tuned!

In the meantime you can still support the record release on startnext.de/memoriez. Beyond that don’t forget to keep an eye on our future show dates. On 22nd March 2013 we will play a pre-release show at the Schaubude in Kiel and on 5th April 2013 we will join Liedfett at their album release party at the Übel & Gefährlich in Hamburg.

MEMORIEZ – Set My Body Free
Camera: Mattheo Lange & Franziska Neumeister
Editing: Joachim Zunke

Two roads diverge…


It may not be the world’s end but apart from that here’s a much more important circumstance we will have to become aware of. Tonight Moritz (a.k.a »Trent«) – a great musician and friend – will play his last concert with the band Findus. After several glorious years as an influential member of the group he decided to pack his guitar and change his itinerary. But there’s nothing to be worried about; Findus will vigorously move on and Moritz will surely (maybe even literally) be feeding our souls in future as well. Some may not know but in a certain manner Moritz is part of MEMORIEZ’ history too – and we cherish that! So naturally we share and enjoy a tasty little portion of melancholia…

There are memories, there’s a future but there’s still a present. So come and watch Moritz & Findus on stage tonight at the ‘Übel & Gefährlich’ in Hamburg (Audiolith Weltuntergang, 22h). We thank Moritz for all the music and inspiration he has given us so far and love to dedicate this night to you. Eventually it was Findus themselves who wrote a song that seems to be fairly appropriate in this situation – »Anfang vs Ende«.

per aspera ad astra

MEMORIEZ vs. Findus

Some time ago our friend FINDUS had a very good idea – as so many times before: cover versions of a single Findus song interpreted by artists from their circle of friends and acquaintances. In short: Feuer in Paris EP.
Bands like “Turbostaat”, “Supershirt”, “Fuck Art, Let’s Dance!”, “Yesterday Shop”, “Robinson Krause”, “Chipko”, “Leoniden” & “Kollektiv Barner 16″ stepped into the studio to record their very own versions.

When we heard about this, we immediately rushed down the basement stairs to record our thoughts over night… follow up the whole story of Findus and their EP on the Findus Blog. Of course, the complete EP is available online via Delikatess’ Soundcloud.