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»HUNTIN’ A HURRICANE« Crowdfunding

Here’s a scoop for you, precious friends of MEMORIEZ. We are very excited to announce that our debut album »Huntin’ A Hurricane« will be released on 28th March 2013 in collaboration with the emergent label TRICKSER! Aside from digital distribution we would love to make the album available on LP and CD as well – and you can help make this possible. To fund a part of the vinyl- & CD-production we ask for a bit of your support via Crowdfunding – for more Information visit

This is how it works

Check out MEMORIEZ’ startnext web site to get more information on the project. You like what you see? – Start funding – you can donate to support the vinyl/CD production! But you won’t just have to give. As a reward for your generosity you’ll get a fresh copy of our debut album, a private live concert, t-shirts or another marvellous thank-you gift. Also, you can help us promote this campaign by sharing the video or project web site via Facebook, blog, narration, … don’t forget to link all the bands connected to this project.

Now you know what to do. MEMORIEZ says THANK YOU to everyone who’s in the game! We promise to keep you up to date – there will be more music to hear and videos to watch very soon.


MEMORIEZ & Yesterday Shop

Nichtgeburtstag, DEZ 14 2012, Eismanufaktur/Alte Post, Bernau

MEMORIEZ invites you to celebrate the “no-birthday party” on DEZ 14th at the Eismanufaktur (Alte Post) in Bernau. We’re looking forward to a soulful night and a great show with YESTERDAY SHOP (Hamburg/Berlin) who just released their debut album. Be good to yourself, visit their web site and get to know them better. For more information on the event check facebook.